Джейми Люис

Jamie’s latest darts could not have had a better outing as he roared into the semi-finals of the PDC World Championships, proudly firing them into doubles and trebles with reckless abandon. To capture the feel and flight we asked Jamie why they felt so good and he said “I’d been using the darts for a few months but not gone into a major swing with them, the new grip is so amazing it’s a double cut version of the Razoredge that I’ve always used and just gave me so much more feel and accuracy”. Complete with the amazing new Red Nitrotech shafts and Hardcore transparent flights, these darts are what you would expect of the world championship's semi-finalist. Jamie's darts are made from our Aero Grade 90% high density tungsten for ultimate feel and performance. With grip level 5 across the entire dart you can have no excuse for ultimate control and power on the oche. Specialist profile designed by Jamie is finished with a sleek tapered front to reduce bounce-outs when packing the trebles. The stunning black finish and painted rings make these darts serious contenders for dart of the year. Black hardened pro-points complete the look leaving you in no doubt just how good a set you are going to get.

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